From 2012 to 2015 I was a member of the design team. This was a period of major changes within the company that included a large rebranding exercise and the addition of multiple new categories. During this period I worked on many individual projects. I have listed below just a few of these projects below. Deals

I was tasked with the creation of a temporary landing page for a deals campaign. Through some research into search trends I noticed that there may be a need for a permanent deals page to exist on the site. I designed a template that features dynamic pricing and can be easily updated. This included a permanent link within the header section. Since it's introduction this page has provided users with a continuous location to find deals, proving to be a huge success.

Improved service pages

Following years of neglect, the services pages had become ineffective, hard to navigate and out of sync with the rest of the site. This includes pages such as delivery, contact, about, price matching, returns, installation and FAQs. My job was take a look at this whole section and bring it up to date. To achieve this I worked with various departments to find out what people wanted to see on these pages. Website analytics provided us with a great base of information. Following this, we worked closely with the service desk to find out exactly what information customers wanted to know. The example below is the contact page. Here we introduced the questions which are most frequently asked to the service desk. The result in this was a reduction in unnecessary calls to the service desk.

The introduction of 'Pay on finance'

I was given the task of producing messaging that would inform users that 'Pay on finance' is available on certain products. To achieve this we introduced a series of banners around the site featuring this messaging. We also introduced a 'Pay on finance' page that both explains the process and includes a finance calculator. A slightly reduced version of this information was also introduced to product pages, providing customers with a finance calculator before purchasing. 07800836577 LinkedIn