Healthi support

At Cegedim Rx it was decided that a brand new suite of pharmacy management software would need to be complimented with a state of the art customer support setup. I worked closely with the head of transformation and members of the customer service department to produce a new customer support website.

Support options

The homepage presents users with a variety of support options. Users can select one of three options that best describes their pharmacy type to access relevant support resources. From the homepage users are also prompted to create a personalised account that offers a more tailored experience. However, users without accounts can access a variety of free resources that include training videos, support documentation and a community blog.

Plan comparison

Before creating an account, users can view a support plan comparison table. Available options are basic, standard, professional and premier. Accounts are for users of Healthi products and a basic account is created automatically. Premier accounts are tailored for the user.

Personalised reporting

When accessing a personalised account, users are presented with a customisable support dashboard. Depending on the level of support these dashboards allow users to gather live information about prescriptions, patient services, claims, stock levels and deliveries. Other services on offer include user management and head office reporting. User avatars can be created within the user management area. Once an avatar is created it will appear everywhere a user signs in with their account, including associated products.

Customer feedback

We have taken the opportunity to demonstrated a prototype of the website to a variety of large pharmacy groups throughout research and development. So far we have received some excellent feedback and have generated a large amount of interest. 07800836577 LinkedIn