Neff ovens

Working for in 2013 I was asked to work with Neff to produce a campaign that would promote their new range of Slide and Hide ovens. These ovens were very unique in the way that the door could be hidden when opened. Famously these ovens had also been featured heavily on the Great British Bake Off.

Campaign assets

The campaign included a variety of advertising methods designed to drive users towards a landing page. Consistent messaging and imagery was used across display advertisements, emails and the landing page. This included an eye catching animated demonstration of the ovens key feature.

The landing page immediately provides a link to all Neff Slide&Hide products followed by a links to each different fit type. Users can also navigate further down the page to gain more information. Research allowed us to identify that users have issues with understanding if an oven will fit their kitchen, so we provided an aperture guide to assist users with this problem. We also included a selection of customer reviews with links to products.

The bottom right of the landing page includes a link to a blog post that demonstrates three different recipe videos featuring the Slide&Hide oven. This post then provides a link back into the product selection process.


Overall, the campaign was a success with a healthy increase in Neff Oven sales following the duration of the campaign. 07800836577 LinkedIn