Healthi FMD

The Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD), which comes fully into force in February 2019, introduces EU-wide legislation to help prevent counterfeit prescription medicines entering the pharmaceutical supply chain. I was given the role of designing an application that would enable users of legacy Cegedim Rx products to cater for this change.

The solution

We developed a free solution that offers users the ability to scan barcodes that feature on medicinal packaging. This allows users to users to check the validity of products that are dispensed. Users can also scan pharmacy bag labels allowing users to check contained medication before being collected by patients.

It is a lightweight Windows application that is specifically designed for both desktop and tablet devices. This provides users with the flexibility to use the application anywhere within the pharmacy.

Multiple uses

Bag checks allow users to not only check for counterfeit medication, but also expired items. The bag checking screen allows users to remove and replace individual products within a bag. The verification tick allows the user to know that a medication is ok to be dispensed to a patient.

Contextual help

To provide users with the best level of support we also created an accompanying help website. Relevant parts of the help website can be accessed directly from the different different areas of the product. Alternatively, users can independently access the website to learn about FMD.

Released in stages

The product has been released to customers in stages. Phase one saw the release of the desktop version of the app in early January 2019. Following some key feedback from customers a tablet ready phase two will be released in early february. 07800836577 LinkedIn